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Month: May 2021

Principles of Real Estate Investment in Singapore

Real estate investment may be one of the most important investment decisions of a family in a lifetime. Therefore, real estate investment should be a professional behavior. You must do your homework when investing in real estate in Singapore. It is recommended that you consider the points below.

After deciding how much money to invest in buying a house, I believe you must also know clearly that your purpose of buying a house is for investment? Still use it to live by yourself? Whether buying for investment or buying for self-occupation, the two have some things in common, but there is still a big difference in essence.

If it is a self-occupied house, it must be suitable for the basic living needs of yourself and your family. Convenience of life becomes the first consideration. It is most suitable to look comfortable and live comfortably. If it is investment-oriented, it is recommended that everything be aligned with capital. The industry you choose must have good leasing potential, and it can be ideally realized with mortgage loans. In other words, as long as the down payment for buying a house is paid, the later period The bank’s monthly payment can be repaid by collecting monthly rents. At the same time, the real estate meets some basic conditions for potential investment real estate and has good appreciation potential.

Real estate investment is a price-to-value capital game. Always be very clear about the value of the real estate you invest in. Never invest in real estate that looks attractive in price but do not understand the actual value. It is recommended that you compare horizontally (in the past) 5 years of surrounding real estate transaction prices and the next 5 years of price trends) and longitudinally understand the average transaction prices of other similar industries in the region, comprehensively and systematically understand the overall price and value of the real estate before making clear-thinking investment decisions.

Singapore’s real estate transaction data is very transparent. On the government website, you can find the Singapore government’s future land development plan, the use details of each piece of land and the cost of the landmark, the latest transaction price of each apartment and even the current homeowner’s purchase cost. It can be found through government-related websites. Here we suggest that you can focus on the following two websites to understand Singapore’s real estate transaction data.

There are not so many experts in this world, only professionals. Trust your own eyes, conduct field inspections, see is believable, go to the real estate surroundings to investigate the investment environment. Some houses have a high occupancy rate, but they may not have much appreciation potential, while others The house is just the opposite. Therefore, it is particularly important to conduct a field inspection of the location of the target real estate before investing. The contents of the inspection can focus on the following three points: one is to understand the future government planning of the target real estate; the other is to understand the appreciation of the target industry Potential; The third is to understand the types and needs of potential tenants, grasp the fluctuations in rent, and estimate the potential rental rate of return.

A stable source of tenants is one of the important conditions for the preservation and appreciation of real estate investment. When you decide to invest in a certain real estate, you must always ask yourself, where are my potential tenants? If the economy is in recession, can my property be rented out by tenants? If the property has sufficient conditions to support your property, even in times of economic downturn, your property can successfully find tenants for rent and collect rental income, then you can begin to have a more in-depth, more systematic and comprehensive understanding of the property.

Investing in real estate is a test of a person’s knowledge, vision, and courage. As an investor, you must follow the trend and follow the government.

The Singapore government is a government with a high level of execution, and it must do what it says. The investment industry must also keep pace with the times, keep pace with the times, and follow in the footsteps of the government. The real efficient return area is the government’s key development area in the future. Understanding the government’s future development plan is a basic compulsory course for an outstanding investor.

The initial stage of life is to work for money, but the advanced stage of life is to make money for you, especially knowing how to use other people’s money to make money for you, and bank loan investment is to use good investment levers to enlarge your own capital Ability allows you to increase your assets in the fastest and most effective way to earn more profits.