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We provide scalable financial sector solutions to financial professionals all over Asia-Pacific.

Infront was established with the aim of disrupting the status quo and developing a more intelligent solution to capital market data technology. We now have a potent combination of international markets data, algorithmic trading, news, and analytics, as well as data and feed solutions, portfolio management and consulting solutions, regulatory compliance solutions, and publishing and distribution solutions. All is designed to be versatile and flexible to meet your needs.

We are similar to you and recognise your local requirements because we have specialists available in multiple countries in Southeast Asia. Our experts work diligently to meet our clients’ challenges, ensuring that you have the best products and services at all times.

Thousands of customers in the area depend on our solutions. Financial professionals can handle investment decisions, minimize costs, respond to rapidly evolving business requirements, and work more effectively with ever-increasing volumes of data with support for their entire workflow – quickly, conveniently, and flexibly.